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fashion Exposé with Ingenious Sadic of Lagos

NotSoPopKulture met with the original, talented brain behind deluxe menswear brand Rogue Ng who has among many other things, inspired people to dress sharp and look good regardless of walk of life.  Based in Lagos; Nigeria, we had the opportunity... Continue Reading →


The Topic Fashionpreneurs Should pay Attention to|| AFRICA FASHION LAW.

​ Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! Sometimes I wonder why I am so addicted to the word. I am a law student with diverse interests but my love for fashion and law is definitely not questionable. I made a discovery some years... Continue Reading →

“AUFS” Announces Network & Chill Fashion Hangout 

African Urban Fashion Show (AUFS) is indeed pleased to present the "Network & Chill"  fashion hangout. This fun and relaxing event to be held at the premium luxury Mauve lounge on the 12th of August is aimed at connecting fashionpreneurs... Continue Reading →

Fashion Expose With the Delectable MeiliFisayo

​Amidst her busy schedule, UK based fashion amd lifestyle blogger Fisayo finds time to run a successful blog, inspiring youths like herself to be stylish and determined. NSPK in conjuction with ASK did an expose on this talented and pretty... Continue Reading →

NSPK’s Style Icon for this Week is OKENYE

Okenye is a stylist nd he is also a fashion lover. He is our style icon for this week​ His swags nd style says it all​ You can follow him on ig to see more stunning pictures​ @Manny_thegoat​ ​ ​

4 Tips on What to Wear With This Popular Trend

​Im reviewing the Athleisure trend today, with direct focus on sweatpants or joggers as it is popularly called over here. First and foremost when we say joggers what comes to your mind is comfort and ease. Joggers are casual pants... Continue Reading →

NSPK Style Icon of the Week

Good looks is one thing, ​dressing good is another, and the latter inevitably goes on to reveal inner beauty.  A lot can be said about styling, but when it comes to sporting a good style, we need not say much,... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Interview with Nigerian Designer (Moshugah) who Dazzled at Africa Fashion Week Nigeria.

​African Fashion quite evidently is in the ascendancy. One designer brand who appears to be committed to putting African fashion on the global map is Moshugah. They recently debuted at the African Fashion Week Nigeria, earning plenteous media review and... Continue Reading →

The Fashion Hangout you shouldn’t miss in Ibadan this July || Network & Chill

​Network and Chill is a mini event aimed to promote networking and knowledge sharing amongst the fashion and creative industry in Ibadan. The hangout features sessions with our esteemed fashion speaker,  fashion displays, amidst feel good music, food and fun.... Continue Reading →

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