It’s time to improve the manner you conduct your fashion business. Every fashionprenueur’s dream is to build a strong fashion brand thats is loved and regarded in the fashion industry.
Here are some marketing advice towards achieving that.


Social media
It’s easier to be build an online presence today. Instagram especially, remains an important tool in connecting your brand with many followers and converts all over. If you have an account already, put efforts into growing your followers. If you dont have an account yet, or you dont know how to grow your account, you should get in touch with PR firms or social media experts. Thier services are inexpensive.

One factor that kills the marketability of a fashion brand is poor expenditure and revenue plans. Most designers splurge on irrelevancies and in the end there’s an injustified feeling.
Start afresh this year by taking out time to plan a budget for your brand, so you can track your progress. This would also improve your confidence and command of your business.

Photo shoot
Team up with a good fashion photographer who can capture your works elegantly. For the first half of the year, set yourself to release a certain number of shoots. This would help engender the Nigerian/African fashion populace with your brand.
Then dont make the mistake of not networking with fashion blogs to feature your shoots.
Basically, have a clean and inspiring shoot and you can be featured even for free.

This is the time to harness every resource and advantage at your disposal. Work closely with friends, family and your product lovers, in getting an edge for your brand….
Take advantage of your connect for production, branding and marketing, so as to reduce your cost and gain more.

One beautiful way to build your market base and draw new lovers for your product is to attend exhibitions. Be on the lookout for inexpensive trade fairs or fashion sales event and enlist. You would be able to meet many other fashion enthusiasts like yourself to sell to and network with.