A Street wear brand that represents outfits for summer.

Tank tops, muscle tees/boyfriend tees, scoop-neck tees, and cropped tops for the modern man and woman.

This is Thorned by maffy.


Thorned by maffy is made distinct from your everyday summer wears by its ‘thorned’ appearance and gives off an afro jazz/rock n’ roll vibe.

The brand likes to be represented by people/music with a message as the brand itself carries a message.


You know how there are always the stories of ‘how I made it to the top because I met this person or was handpicked out of the crowd or heard a message and held on to it’, we grateful for such stories because they prove that there is a God.

However, there are the others. The ones that might have heard the same message but had no reason to hold on to it and those that were in…

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