NSPK caught up with yet another interesting model, Curtis Jones. Curtis is a Cameroonian who lives in the fashion city of Paris.

Check out his insight on fashion and style, as he grants us this beautiful interview.

*How would you describe your personal style?

Hi, My personal style is a sweet mix of street and classy i switch easily between both

*What’s that special fashion item that features prominently in your dressing? Why?

The special item would be the classic white t shirt because of it universality and simplicity.

* What’s inspiring your style currently?

My style has always been influenced by the 90’s era of hip-hop and African traditional clothes

*You would never be caught wearing? Why?

I will never get caught wearing super tight jeans or other clothes that i think are used for the feminization of populations i mean, i respect everyone’s style but it just don’t match with my personality.

*Where do you see fashion in 278 years?

The way i see fashion in 278 years  is completely abstract, my old opinion won’t matter to people of that era. But i see fashion being influenced by technology like robotic clothes or may be getting back to the humans first primitive clothes which means nearly no fashion codes and limits. I don’t know, the society likes throwbacks, retroactive fashion right ? So maybe in 278 years fashion will be through so much that it will come back to what is fashion today.

Favourite mobile application?  Instagram

Guilty food pleasure?  I would say ice-cream, creamy cakes, fast food, and some African food such as fried plantains tomato sauce and roasted chicken or fish.

Your revered style icon? As a young man I would say Tupac Shakur. And as a Man i would say Idris Elba.

Your go-to shopping store?  H&m, Cos.

Favorite designer? I don’t know many of them but i like the spirit of Versace.