Style this! style that!

What is style? *thinking*…..

According to Google “a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed also “elegance and sophistication”. I’ll say that’s a good definition and i’ll also say that’s not all about style, you see style is one of the make ups of fashion actually the main, style is unique, versatile, it is supposed to stand out that is everyone is fashionable but not everyone is stylish. Let me make the differences clear to you;

  • Fashion is everywhere but style is not, style is distinctive
  • A fashionable person wears what’s trending but a stylish person takes what is trending rebrands it and makes it her style
  • Style is creativity and originality
  • Fashion doesn’t necessarily need confidence but style definitely needs confidence to rock, you know why? It’s cause one’s style might look awkward or weird but the confidence will make it look beautiful and amazing
  • Style speaks elegance and sophistication


And so it’s comes down to this; are you fashionable or stylish? Which would you love to be? Want to be stylish? Then stay on this page to learn more about style and get basic tips to being stylish and lots more… it’s all about the style!!!