What is fashion? What are the career opportunities in fashion? Can i go into fashion? Can i make it in fashion? These are questions people often ask about the fashion and fashion industry, questions i once asked myself before i ventured into fashion and the fashion industry and here i am.

So what is fashion? According to Wikipedia “it is the prevailing styles in the behaviour and newest creations of textile designers” also “fashion is a popular style or practice, esp in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body or furniture”. I’ll say “fashion is a way of life, it’s in the way we talk, dress, eat, walk, and do the things we do. It’s part of us, in our environment and in our lifestyle”.

What are the career opportunities? The answers are just right there if you look for them without giving up. You see, there are various career opportunities in the fashion industry and i mean various! Varying from fashion designing to fashion styling to fashion blogging e.t.c. You just have to sit and think on which of it is your passion or which is of your interest, let me make this easy for you by listing some of the career opportunities in the fashion industry; Here

  • Fashion designing
  • Modelling (runway, face, e.t.c)
  • Blogging, fashion writing and editing
  • Fashion styling
  • Make up artistry
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion show producers and creative directors
  • Fashion photography

To these various careers are basic tips, “rules and regulations” you need to know and follow to be successful and good at what you are doing. That’s all for today, hope you had some of your answers? And also stay tuned to this page so as to get basic tips on each of the careers. If there is any career in fashion you have in mind and i didn’t add feel free to use the comment box and also feel free to ask questions… Au revoir!