Doubling your sales this season doesn’t require navigating through complicated marketing strategy schemes. Combining two or three of the tips below can give you great results. But first, you must be determined to follow through to the end, without giving up on efforts. Be delighted, festive season are very impulsive periods for the consumer. There’s also usually a lot of cash exchange for goods. All you need is determination, dedication and focus to get you in the right position to rake-off as much sales as possible.


1. Discount

Offering unique discount is an old strategy sellers use in encouraging customers to purchase. Consumer behavior is rational, a person considers spending more on an item they believe they are getting a bargain on. But you must plan your discount strategy creatively. A discount strategy that doesn’t promote sales is not worth embarking on at all. Few discount strategies;

General discount. Go ahead, take a few percentage cut of general price of all items for sale. This a popular strategy to ensure goods are more in the consideration of a prospective buyer. And since it’s the end of the year, you would rather you get as much sales as possible so as to re-invest and plan for the New Year.

Gift discount. For a clothier for example, you can attach fancy accessory as a reward for purchase. Charm bracelets, rings, head gears are all inexpensive items that you can provide to influence the impulse of a customer to spend.

Pre-order discount. Have you got new stocks, new releases, or special items for the festive season, announce a pre-order discount to move sales speedily.

Bulk purchase discount. Setting a benchmark price upward of which customers get a discount is a good way to encourage customers to spend more, and for you to meet your sales target for the festive season.

Loyal customers’ discount. Most certainly, you have got customers who have made repeat purchases all year long, and this is not the time to let them off. Send text or emails, offering enticing discounts. By this you show you appreciate their loyalty. They are your surest target since they must have had experience from your product, so they know what they stand to gain.


2. Decorations

For store owners or even designers with e-commerce sites, decorating your “real estate” in the colours and ambiance of the season is an explicit way to attract buyers as well as communicate to them that you are offering good tidings (i.e. discounts and special offers) as rewards on purchases this season.


3. Events, Exhibitions and Pop-Ups.

One common peculiarity about festive seasons is the plethora of events. Music concerts, fashion events, Praise jams and many more. This is the time to leverage your connection to event promoters and organizers to notch up a space for you to showcase your works.

Exhibitions and trunk shows are also popular in this period, engage events websites to discover opportunities. Slashing prices in locations outside of the store is a good way to encourage on the site purchase.

Lastly, leverage your environment, organizing pop-up stalls in unexpected locations around the neighborhood can be the magic move. It’s no lie that, in the festive season, people move around with a lot of cash with intention to purchase things. Setting a pop-up stall in locations that receive constant traffic is a good way to encourage people to splurge. Design your pop-up stall creatively to ensure it catches attention of people in transit, and employ unique price offers to encourage sales, so at the end of it all you are going home with empty boxes and a purse fully loaded with cash.


Bonus tips.

Customer service: fire up your customer service to be prepared for the season, wearing smiles and putting up exuberant demeanour. Good customer service can be the differentiating factor encouraging customers to purchase from you and not your competitors who are likewise employing special strategies this festive season.

Home delivery. There is usually a lot of bustle and traffic during festive seasons, discouraging your potential buyers from even stepping out. But you can still break the ice, announce free/inexpensive delivery options to prospective buyers via email, SMS, and on social media.


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