So fashion seems an exciting sector to dabble into since it promises fun, glamour and grandeur amongst other things. This is usually the fancy of young adults. Young ones usually stumble into fashion without much insight about key guiding principles to navigate through the industry, as well as how to manage intermittent successes. This usually culminates into an experience that’s full of uncertainties, avoidable pit falls, and avertable sacrifices.

If your desire is to work towards certain goals. Whether it’s toppling MAI Atafo as one of the most reliable fashion brands In Nigeria, or to make a go for the face of the urban fashion movement in Nigeria (you would have to wrestle Bayo Oke-Lawal for that). The first step is to identify possible career paths within the industry that best suits your ability.

Hannes Praks, London

Fashion Design

This perhaps is the most popular and desired career path. But Fashion designing entails a lot, and there are career paths within it that offer quicker rewards and recognition.

  • Seamstress/tailor: hard tailoring skill is a highly sort after feature today. Especially those who care to pay attention to detail and are flexible enough to adapt modern techniques.
  • Illustrator: this is an ignored skill. Fashion illustrators today have the opportunity earn a lot of relevance and financial reward. There are many designers in the industry today but only few with actual fashion illustration skills, whether graphics or sketching.


Modelling is one of the sought after fashion professions in recent times. the glam, thrill and fame are motivating factors for young adults today. Often times many people are hindered by the statistical preferences of the Fashion industry. Alternatively you can consider becoming a model scout and/or manager. This is a growing portfolio in Nigeria with many agencies springing up to handle the increasing demand for models in the industry. So if you have got a good eyes for raw trainable modelling talents, you could consider this. Good people management skill  is also an added advantage.


There has been a surge in the number of stylist recently. Stylists like Jekwuthestylist, and Rhoda Ebun have been in the spotlight for quite a while.

The good news is that, we still don’t have enough professional stylist in the industry to manage the demand. So this is a considerable and promising career path, and an emerging stylist who has worth to offer can witness amazing growth in the industry in a defined short period of time.


Fashion blogging

We have so many style bloggers but not so many fashion bloggers. Fashion blogging in its peculiarity requires more resources for success. With the many fashion shows, trade shows and fashion launches, not to forget trend streams, fashion business analysis, we can deduce that there is a lot of fashion reporting to be done via fashion blogging.

If you don’t have the perchance to own a blog, you can alternatively start out as a fashion writereditorial assistant, or a promotions & social media consultant.

Project Manager/ Event Planner

The industry yearns for persons with technical, managerial skills that can help out with planning and managing fashion projects. Whether its fashion shows, brand launches, exhibitions.

Other hot career paths in fashion you can research;

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Fashion researcher
  • Personal assistant
  • Public Relations
  • Production manager