I bet a new year should appear in new trends, and i would love to show us 5 style trends that will still be in vogue this year.


The stripes is something to wow about and the free flow. This is not a new trend and it ll still be in vogue this year too. 


The outter corset is really rocking this year too, it has more than nine lives and it goes well on a coperate wear and so does it on casual wears too.


Oh for the love for the trench coats to spice up outfits for both the casual and the coperate outfits will rock this year, as its being around lately and wont stop this year.


A must get to a perfect wardrobe for the year is a white clean sneakers 👟 its a perfect idea for the year.


Lets say hi to our boots, a friend indeed, in times of confusion and troubles a boot will put  a smile on your face. Don’t leave them out this year 

This style trend is for both genders.