​I am miss Valentine, yeah! The Feb14th lady. This is to myself and all the ones who choose to be happy no matter what on this day;

Falling in love is easy                                     

Not just for people like me

I’m an independent one with dreams

And if getting hooked up is living

Then i’d rather be rich and live

Heart empty and all is blur

Friends flaunting lovers to make me jealous

what in the world is wrong with self love?

I’m gonna love myself till there is nothing more

Love is a decision for the ladies

For men, it’s a responsibility 

For me, love is being happy

Single or if there is a ring on it

Self love is the key

I choose “happy”…

Muse: Jibola Agboola 

Stylist: Hannahdiva 

Photography: Afolamar Photography 

Photo assistant: Surdyyk 

MUA: House Of Rheevo  

Creative director: Tobi Idowu