The fashion scene is currently in a good place. We frequently  see fresh and exciting talents rise from across several segments in the industry offering us value for our time and money. Trust Notsopopkulture to always snoop around to bring you  dazzlers who are accomplishing high feets in the industry.

NSPK recently interviewed Moyinoluwa Fayemi Beth an aspiring  designer and vogue life/style blogger. Beth shares her personal style and lifestlye hacks on myvoguelife

1. Can you tell us a bit more about your blog myvoguelife and why you created it? 

My Vogue Life is a personal style and lifestyle blog which majorly showcases my personal outing or everyday style. The lifestyle part of the blog shows what I am facing or how I handle life generally, it explains my thoughts about life. I started my blog initially for the main purpose of publicity. I’m a fashion designer in the making and I intend to have my clothing line soon and then I thought “What would be the best way to publicize my brand?” and the idea of starting a blog also to document my journey and create a form of publicity for the brand.

2. How would you describe your style? 

 My style is chic with a little bit of retro.


3. Do you follow trends? And if yes, which trends excite you at the moment? 

 I don’t always follow trend because I tend to want to stand out but if I do follow a trend it must mean I love it a lot. The trends I’m still currently loving is the Cold-shoulder trend and fringes trend.


4. How do you get rid of old clothes?

 I keep them or give them away. I can be a hoarder because you never know when you need that outfit for a quick DIY.

5. What is your greatest challenge as a Designer and style blogger? 

 My greatest challenge as a designer and a style blogger is time, the time I need to juggle between school and my blog.


Favourite mobile application? I have quite a lot but my best are Instagram, VSCO and snapseed.

Do you have any style icons? Not really, I believe everyone has has a unique style.

Who are your favourite designers? Because of my answer to the previous question, I still stand on the fact year every designer has a unique style and ability so I get inspiration from any designer and I don’t tend to pick favourites.

 Your go-to shopping store? I don’t have one, it just depends on what I want at that particular time.

How often do you shop? As often as my debit card allows, lol

What’s the most important component of your style? The most important component of my style is that it must be comfortable and represents me.

 Favourite fashion event?  Every fashion show is worth watching, I don’t have a favourite.

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