Hi, to a host of y’all that love to look good, and love to do so in a unique way. Notsopopkulture is kicking of a style guide, where we crawl the fashion space and bring inspirations to you that you might want take to your tailor next time out.

this weeks guide focuses on streetwear. Have Fun!

Look 1

Lets digress even as we start; for the bold and daring chics, the dyed locks is a starter, if you have cared to notice green hair is silently in vogue currently. Now to the matter 🙂  you can’t but love the ankara “bomber” jacket as it sits on those tight denim jeans. This look is a sure one for casual up funk event/outing this weekend.


Look 2

Simple yet elegant. so you love your shirts so much you cant let them go even on weekends, well i suppose we twist it up then. The strap patch around the elbow area of the shirt connotes casual and cool. you can save this for the next time you go the tailors.


Look 3

Net! Net!! Net!!! This style is all shades of cool, and it speaks for itself. Have you ever imagined wax prints and net fabric? Well, here you have it and it is  done justice to in this look.


Look 4

Black saves. This outfit leaves not much to be said, other than that you can achieve so much with so little. Knock on “oga Moshood’s” shop door with a black  jersey fabric in hand and let him transform you into the envy of others as strut down the street.

images crawled from pinterest.

Drop your comments, lets know what you think. let me know if any style here is perhaps too edgy.