Gone are the days where men had stereotypical style code they must abide by. Today, men express themselves in a variety of ways that is bold, clean and distinct to their own persona.

For ladies out there, you need not remain passive in influencing your man’s style game. If it is constantly the case that when you are both out, his looks just doesn’t cut it, you can take matters into your hands.

  • Buy him nice/vogue pieces
  • Give him style tips
  • Mischievously hide any of his fashion pieces you don’t like.

Here’s a guide to update your man’s style game rather effortlessly.


  • Clean Haircut and Facials


Quite absurd, but you will find out that most men just don’t know when next to visit the barber’s. Perhaps because he is too busy or not so concerned. In any case, always be on the lookout for when his hair begins to grow out of hand again.

Quick tips; encourage him to have a steady barber (one who is skilful and in tune with hairstyle trends). One modern hairstyle trend that most certainly he can count on is the Fade.

For facials, if your man has chosen to pitch his tent with the beard gang, then the beard must never be found unkempt. Prod him to invest in beard oils. If your man has got minimal facial hair, then it is also important for him to have clean cut edges.

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  • Accessories


A paramount accessory is a wristwatch. Easy to spot from afar, and believe it or not, a wristwatch is a key factor when it comes to defining a person. Goes without saying, that he should wear the right brand, a piece that defines his look. An investment in leather strap watch, chain watches and the modern tech-like variations can be the game changer.

Other accessory types like wooden/bead/ivory neckpiece and bands could be also be defining for his personal style. If his style is true to rather shinning metals, then cuffs are in vogue too.

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  • Footwear


Depending on what he is wearing, he would require unique matching footwear to properly accentuate a look.

But primarily, essential pieces include black/brown shoes.

Sneakers; white and black are the usual colours, if he is more in tune with modern colours, then lemon, orange mixed with classical colours like and white and black are good choices.

Boots; whether black or brown can be good for pulling off classical streetstlye looks and also useful for night-time events/outing.

Also help him realize that it is important to keep his footwear in good conditions always, well-polished or cleaned before he steps out.

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  • Trousers


One piece can determine the rest of your outfit. Men usually like to play safe and stick to jeans and pants only. And many times, you find them having the same boring colours; black, blue, grey. Alas, the world today is a more beautiful and colourful place.

Quick advice:

  • invest in other trouser types; chinos, joggers, sweatpants, corduroy pants
  • There’s a line between skinny and slim-cut, be sure he doesn’t cross it.
  • Ripped jeans/trousers is only fun to see when he hasn’t over done it.
  • Roll up can be the wisest manipulation to a look atimes.

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If you have your own suggestions for men’s style, kindly leave a reply in the comment section.

image sources; Pinterest