​Recently came across this brand, and i must confess, lead designer and creative director, Faith Oluwajimi evokes depths within your consciousness… This paticular collection is according to Bloke centered on higlighting the challenge the Nigerian youth faces today. Which plainly is being overlooked and pushed aside. Thier true nature are mostly never celebrated except in a hush nature… Now this isnt present everywhere, but it is a rampant reality.

Observe the collection and connect with the story the pieces tell.
The Bloke brand was established in lagos in 2013. And in recent times as seen a lot of success, featuring on Vogue Italia, Vogue Talents, Pansy Magazine.

 It is an androgynous label that designs well thought out garment that is Quirky, Artsy: Gender Bluring with a masculine meets feminine aesthetics- Ricerca Avanzata.

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Brand: BLOKE | @bloke_ng
Photography: Kene Nwatu | @kenenwatu
Styling & Art Direction: Daniel Obasi | @iamdasidy
Models: Mannie Adesoyin | @mannie_be and Oluwafemi James | @oluwafemior