​Im reviewing the Athleisure trend today, with direct focus on sweatpants or joggers as it is popularly called over here.

First and foremost when we say joggers what comes to your mind is comfort and ease. Joggers are casual pants and can be called a close cousin of track pants, they are distinguished by cuffed bottoms.

Joggers are usually baggy on the top and skinny at the bottom. Over time it has found its way into trending wears and there various ways you can rock this wear.

Here are the looks.

Look 1 

One of the easiest way to rock your jorgers is pairing it with a slim fitted top and a jacket

Look 2

For a person who likes causal wears we have got something for you , for a casual look you can rock your jorgers with a shirt tucked in and a pair of sneakers trust me you’re good to go.

Look 3

Looking  serious and playful at the same time is what you can achieve by combining a blazer with your jorgers. It gives you a not too serious look when you do this. This is also another way you can rock your jorgers, adding a head warmer (in the cold weather) could make your outfit perfect.

Look 4

The simplest and easiest way to rock your jorgers is to combine it with a sleeveless or armless top and also a pair of sneakers.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comment section.