​Amidst her busy schedule, UK based fashion amd lifestyle blogger Fisayo finds time to run a successful blog, inspiring youths like herself to be stylish and determined.

NSPK in conjuction with ASK did an expose on this talented and pretty lady to find out about her motivations for blogging and more.


NSPK: How will you describe Meili Fisayo blog and what sets it apart

MF: I would describe my blog as the full package to be honest as it’s me just being me, as I talk about everything. When you click on MeiliFisayo there is so much you can relate to, be it male or female. I didn’t want to put myself in a box as I wanted to have infinity bubble to stretch my creativity and ideas. I feel like that is what sets me apart from most bloggers. 

NSPK: How would you describe your personal style?

MF: I cannot for the life of me give you a definite answer to that as my style changes like weather depending on my grove that season. However, for now I would say I like chic and classic wear as it is simple and easy to pull together. So, let’s just say am into anything that is easy to style hehe. 

NSPK: What’s inspiring you this season?

MF: Bold colors, beautiful streets or city.

NSPK:What inspires your topics as a blogger?

MF: Anything. It could be an outfit, chit chat with friends, location or new beauty products etc. Just wrote a blog on Strong Women which was inspired by a series on YouTube.

NSPK: What’s your secret to taking amazing pictures?

MF: I don’t have any secret hehe. Maybe good location and good editing as those are very important to me.

NSPK: Where’s your most refreshing destination to visit and why?

MF: The city of Bath stole my heart. I loved every bit of that city sometimes the places close to you is where you end up falling in love with. However, there is so much to explore.

NSPK: What does the delectable Fisayo do asides blogging?

MF: I work in a medical company as a sales coordinator. We are the only company in the UK which produce anaesthesia machines, patient monitors etc. Pretty much anything you will find in the theatre. We distribute to over 90 countries aside from UK including Nigeria lol. I also do mystery shopping, I would say my biggest project was for Pandora which I did for 9 months but it’s finished now so I can talk about it. I work with few brands at the moment which I can’t mention.

NSPK: Easy to go beauty routine? MF: On a lazy day all I apply is a foundation primer and foundation which are both Mary kay products. However, I have to always do my eyebrow that’s very important hehe. 

NSPK: Favorite mobile application? MF: Instagram and snapchat but I live more on IG.

NSPK:Guilty food pleasure? MF: Donuts from Krispy Kreme.  Pistachio Ice Cream hehe.

NSPK: Your revered style icon? MF: At the moment it is Gabrielle Union. Her style is just simple and laid back and that is so me.

NSPK: Your go-to shopping store? MF: Ted baker, Zara, Ralph Lauren and New Look.

NSPK: Favorite designer? MF: Louis Vuitton and Chanel

Checkout her blog on: http://www.meilifisayo.com to stay in touch with more.