NotSoPopKulture met with the original, talented brain behind deluxe menswear brand Rogue Ng who has among many other things, inspired people to dress sharp and look good regardless of walk of life.  Based in Lagos; Nigeria, we had the opportunity to interview him for a fashion expose feature.



NSPK: In just a short period of time, the Rogue brand has garnered popular acclaim and successes…What’s the story behind the brand? Sadic: Rogue was initially CEO (Clothing Extra Ordinaire) but was changed to Rogue in 2012 to make the brand have a more fashionable and intriguing image. I believe our designs, unique fabrics, style and our crisp presentation has carved a spot for us in the Nigerian fashion scene and we plan to become a greater and timeless fashion brand. Rogue represents the ideology of one going beyond convention, limits and overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams. Someone who dares to be different from the norm has a rogue mentality and it is not in the bad way.

NSPK: Menswear today is taking on a whole new dimension (in the Nigerian industry)… A new wave led by brands like yours, paying attention to detail, style and elegance…. What purpose has your brand come to fulfill in the industry of menswear?

: We are trying to take African Fashion to the heights it has the potential to reach, locally and globally. We want to make the average African stand out in every attire, whether in a nicely cut classic suit or modernized traditional outfit.

: What’s the inspiration behind the kind of designs the rogue brand churns out? Sadic: Elegance, Uniqueness and Quality.

NSPK: For you what’s the most exciting part about designing? Sadic: Fashion is art and I love the feeling I get when I create something new and distinct.

NSPK: The market for menswear is a very broad one, what customer segment does the rogue brand essentially attend to?Sadic: Grooms and Groomsmen, White Collar men, Ambitious men, Fashionable and stylish men who love and want to dress proper.

NSPK: Who are the most exciting clients you have designed for? Sadic: Adekunle Gold, Ric Hassani, Skuki, VJ Adams, etc

: How do you manage producing high quality wears and keeping your brand affordable for those who love what you do?  Sadic: We try our best to manage cost but quality isn’t cheap so we maintain a high quality standard in production of our apparels and our pricing is considerate of the average fashionable Nigerian man in this economic recession.


: You are known popularly for menswear, should we expect a diffusion line perhaps in future? In essence what’s lined for the future of Rogue?
: We are planning to launch a female line by the end of the year or 2018. Plans are ongoing and the world needs to watch out for the art we are about to dish.

you can follow the brand’s Instagram page @rogue_ng or follow his personal page @sadicoflagos to keep abreast of their new designs and collections.