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Ankara Shines as MadFest debuts in Ife

_By Okunola Tobi _
The Made Around Designs Festival (MAD FEST) campus tour debuted on Saturday, 4th of November, at the basketball court of the Obafemi Awolowo University sport complex. The festival featured a trade fair, Music, Face painting and art exhibitions.

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The show which was stated to start at 12pm however didn’t start until well after 3pm. And that the show started that late didn’t save us from other disappointments.
There was no Masked Runway neither were there any Virtual Reality Games. A couple of the basketball players that came for the dunk challenge left before anything could start. The blazing November sun didn’t help matters too.
But for those with the patience to wait for the event to start proper, there was enough fun and excitement to compensate them.
Anchored by MC Smith, participants were treated to various exhibitions ranging from Face painting by the prodigious Halima to beautiful artworks by Tola.
What stole the show however was the beautiful forms in which the exhibiting creatives used Traditional African prints-Ankara. Ankara has already enjoyed a good share of publicity outside Africa this year. Fashion designer Stella McCartney was accused for appropriating  African culture after featuring Ankara in her Paris Fashion week runway show – without giving credit to the culture it came from. _Maki oh_ fashion designer Amaka Osakwke was featured on the New Yorker this year.
At Madfest, Designer Oyin of _SIJ bags_ exhibited plain and patterned bags with beautiful Ankara designs while Scharf studios had everything in Ankara; from crop tops to shredded skirts.
There was music too. DJ Haman dished out hits upon hits as participants contemplated buying stuff over kilishi and Chapman.
The organizers will go home thinking “All is well that ends well”, and they probably will be right as there was enough, just enough, on ground to save the day.

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