I’m so excited as it’s a new year and as humans, most of us are always on about the new me, new everything vibe. But I beg to differ. Almost every New Year, I’m always on about the newest trends to come forth. Newest trends to bloom. And guys, what better way to start the year than give kudos to our ever dedicated and talented trend forecasters (salute).

Without you guys, it wouldn’t be so easy. Trends come and go. Some come, go and then make a major come back, like boom! But all in all, I’m excited about these ones. Read below. Now who here is a ‘80s kid? Lol I’m going to have to shy away on that…if you’re a ‘80s kid, consider yourself pretty old because the fashion then, is the fashion for 2018.

Designers have literally shunned all other eras and settled for the ‘80s. One thing I love about modernization. It should teach us all something guys. Like these modern experts, in all spheres, research back into those years people vaguely remember, see something that could and would leave us shook (in the best possible way) if it just had a contemporary touch.

Now, what we need to know about the spring 2018 trend. Picture bright, picture bold. From street, to high fashion, picture power dressing. In case you didn’t know, the ‘80s was about that. The silhouettes are mainly nipped waists (this with dresses, jackets or blouses), long lean legs and bold strong shoulders.

And then there are some items that just never go. Or should I say we can’t let go. Or better still, lets cal them investment pieces, that can definitely last us a lifetime. Below are 10 classic pieces that are/will bloom this 2018. If you already have them, all good. If not, ding! Time to shop.


Expect to see classic trainers on any fashion human this season. It was a trend last year and I’m glad to tell you that it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. I, for one, am a sneaker freak so I’m hella excited.


Whether you want to make a statement with a velvet trouser suit or you want something subtle, there is a hundred and one options for you out there. This has to do with your personal taste so go for it. Just keep in mind, that you are trendy! The trouser suits can either be big and baggy, or slim and tighty (had to make that rhyme).


These kinds of bags are called the waist bag or bum bag or belt bag. Choose one out of the three to name it. It’s unisex, it’s cute, its designer, it’s trendy.


Ladies! Get in here. Now if you think that track pants or leggings have turned your feminist soul away and made you a tom boy, know that phase is over with the big O. Pencil skirts are back again and this time, it has a mission. To awaken your sexy side. This time around, they are better. Long lined, popularly called midi, trust me, they are more flattering. Though might not be around for a long while, they are definitely worth the keep.


These mightn’t be a necessity for most, but some think it’s worthy. Waist belts, however the size may be (big ones called abortion belts or tiny ones called slim belts) entered into the list of 2018 and it’s up to you to see the use of it and get it.


Supreme! Off-white! Ivy Park! Gucci! Add yours because these are my favorites. From tees, to jackets, to bags, to shoes, this trend is going to be everywhere and ain’t no stopping it now, it’s on the move!


Polka dots, polka dots (read with the intensified sound of Gucci gang, Gucci gang) lol. Okay, the polka is back with a bang and though it comes in so many color ways, black and white polka dots wins, every time.


Yes! The color purple! Named as the color of the year 2018 by pantone. As we all know, the color purple is associated with royalty, ambition, luxury, this is our power color trend.


As seen by the brand IZABEL LONDON, vintage floral blooms this season and we’re excited!

PRINTS As an African, this is inevitable. Our African prints are exclusively on our case and we do not mind, one bit. But as the season depicts loud, bright and bold colors, let us think of that when shopping our prints. These are the top trends of 2018 and I can tell you it looks stylish, from my view… lets have fun with them all and see what comes up next. Adios